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Since I felt the current plan is insufficient, I created my own plan to redistrict the city!

This redistricting plan designs the districts based off the major road arteries and is transportation oriented. Those roads being Encinitas Blvd, El Camino Real, and the I-5. I've also split districts 4 and 5 between the power line trail. This creates 2 coast districts and 3 inland districts. There is a slight overlap across the I-5 by SDA. This was due to increasing population count in district one until more housing is created in District 1. This plan is contingent on the fact that more multi-family developments will be created in all districts due to state required housing goals. These district seats can work as the City of San Diego works. There would be 5 City Council Members and a Mayor, who would have Veto power. See image of proposed redistricting and let me know your feedback!