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Option B is slightly different than option A.

Option B is more proactive in expanding the Convention Center and allows for a greater increase in exhibit hall and conference room space. This is my preferred plan.

  • This plan continues the Phase 3 theme of a rooftop park with the original (Phase 1) building.
    • The Stadium will be built behind the Marriot and Hyatt hotels.
      • The docks will be relocated to make room for the facility.
      • An expanded rooftop park should help with getting approval from the Coastal Commission.
    • This design will not interfere with the Phase 3 expansion.
  • Option B is more proactive in expanding the Convention Center as opposed to Option A.
    • This allows for San Diego to attract bigger conventions such as E3 or CES.
    • Plus this ensures that Comic Con and other big conventions stay in San Diego.
  • There are more transportation options available.
    • This includes more parking options and access points to the stadium.
    • Santa Fe depot is a half mile away from the proposed facility making it easier for people visiting from out of town to reach the stadium.
  • The Marriot and Hyatt would be prime accommodations for visitors during game days.

You will notice on the map I label the site where the Skytower / Spire or Ferris Wheel will go. I prefer the Skyspire plan since it has the option of a restaurant on the top floor which will be a cool tourist attraction. Not only will it attract tourists, but it would provide a nice place to go out to dinner with a significant other, family, friends, etc..., due to the great views of the bay and stadium.

See pictures below:

Option 2 Stadium Zoning

Option 2 Stadium Zoning Trolley Option