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Option A was the original plan I presented to the Mayors office.

This plan is more constrained in land usage and does not expand the Phase 1 building initially. A Phase 5 expansion would be optional.

  • Option A would landfill the area around the 5th Avenue Pier.
    • The stadium would be built on top of this reclaimed land.
  • This plan will work with the new Convention Center Expansion Project (Phase 3).
    • The Stadium project will be Phase 4 of expansion.
    • The design will not interfere with Phase 3 expansion.
  • This design is contiguous and would add convention hall and conference room space for the convention center.
  • You would still be able to tailgate at the Stadium.
    • Tailgate parking is roughly 0.3 mi from the facility.
  • The Trolley and other means of mass-transit are available nearby including the Coronado Ferry.

See pictures below: