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Traffic has become a nightmare in San Diego.

The county is so spread out, that a lot of people drive to work. Our Freeway system has been constantly delayed for upgrades. There are also limited Mass Transit options that are faster than driving. Considering the fact that cities within the county are now focusing on infill development projects, we are falling behind on our transportation goals. Many other cities are actively improving their Mass Transit infrastructure, including Los Angeles. LA is also getting the 2028 Olympics. If we had won the bid, we’d have a carmageddon on our hands during the games, since traffic would be a nightmare. Our transportation grid is one of the reason we lost to other cities.

California’s transportation goals call for less vehicle traffic and more mass transit over the next 20 plus years. To achieve this goal, the state is focusing on alternative forms of transportation. This includes adding bike lanes, Light Rail, the High Speed Rail project, and focusing on more ridesharing. Other cities, including L.A. are improving roads to provide quicker commute times. Therefore, the various agencies and cities within San Diego County should target high traffic zones and provide alternative forms of transportation. Providing people with a quick mode of Mass Transit (Rail, Bus, etc...)  will prompt them to use the service. Road dieting or should not be involved in these projects as they add to the gridlock. See current lawsuit against the City of Encinitas for attempting to do this on Coast Highway 101.

I currently have a plan submitted for the new "Gold Line" Trolley serviceThis plan is currently set for 4 Phases. The first phase of the Gold Line will provide Mass Transit Service via Light Rail from the Border to Mission Beach. The line will take passengers from Imperial Beach, through Coronado, across the Coronado Bay Bridge (new or retrofitted design), to the Airport (Lindbergh Field), and end at Belmont Park. Trolley service would be expanded at a later date to go north to PB, La Jolla, and other communities with bad traffic problems. This is included in the attached KML. Note this KML includes the full trolley expansion plan as of 7/15/18. Please filter for the Gold Line. This is best loaded in Google Earth Pro. Please note, that these documents are copyrighted.

Link to KML file: San Diego Trolley Line Expansion V1

See video explaining the expanded Light Rail (Trolley) Service: