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Currently it is a 6 hour drive or roughly a one hour flight to San Diego from Phoenix. With the amount of traffic going to and from each City it would be smart to plan new infrastructure...

The best way of improving this transportation network is with targeted freeway upgrades and expansions through major cities along the route, and by creating a new High Speed Rail. This line will start in Downtown San Diego at the Airport. It will be come a subway like system to Santa Fe Deport. From their it will branch out and pass by Brown Field. It will then pass parallel to the border and then alongside Interstate 8. It will make stops in El Centro, Yuma, and Finally reach Phoenix. A separate line could be built to link Tuscon and Phoenix, and eventually link to Flagstaff. This will reduce commute times for people traveling between these regions and would give an alternative to plane travel. These new lines, when passing through areas that are in the desert and receive high winds, could be built partially underground or covered. This would also prevent animals from crossing the tracks and potentially getting hit by a train. Certain over-crossings would be made to allow animals to travel over this new right of way safely.

This is a concept idea, and I plan on releasing more information in the near future.